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We’re a passionate and forward-thinking team dedicated to helping brands grow online

And with our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies, we’re uniquely positioned to speak directly to the millennial and Gen Z audiences that dominate the digital landscape.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we not only understand your business objectives but also your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. This allows us to craft customized, scalable digital solutions that not only drive increased revenue, market share, and profits but also resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

Whether you’re looking for logo, website design and development, media buying, social media marketing, content and lead generation, our team has the expertise to take your brand to the next level.

Website Design & Development

Our design specialists apply industry best practices in web design and development using WordPress to Cre8 modern, engaging and attractive sites for any business.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer SEO audits and/ or implementation services that improve your positioning in SERP’s and deliver the most desirable and qualified customers to our client’s websites.

Search Engine Marketing

We make every click count. Our seasoned Paid Search experts Cre8 effective strategies that translate client objectives into increased revenue, profits and market share. We grow businesses in ways you can measure.

Social Media

Our social media team can help you apply the latest strategies and technologies to maximize your benefits and results from your social media marketing efforts.


Make an impression on some of the world’s most popular websites. Our media buying team targets high-traffic, relevant inventory across niche categories to deliver quality traffic to your site.

Lead Generation (CPL)

We help you Activ8 connections with your target audience and generate qualified leads via email, co-registration paths, display and social media.

Content Marketing

Our team of expert writers cre8 and distribute valuable content (press releases, blog posts, researched articles, etc.) that offers relevant information to your audience, attracts media attention, boosts search engine rankings and drives profitable customer inter/actions.

Reporting & Analytics

Our analysts drill deep into the campaign data to inform campaign direction and to find your hidden areas for growth.

Our Process



To fully understand your business, customers, objectives, industry, offline media and goals; to discover your upside opportunities across all digital channels.

To analyze and determine the best course of action that yields the highest return for your digital ad campaigns across all media channels.





To develop advanced strategies and leverage cutting-edge technology to drive quality traffic and increased conversions.

To drill down into the data to analyze and to strategically determine exactly which approach will improve campaign results and deliver superior growth.





To continuously monitor conversions and refine campaigns in order to boost efficiencies and growth; adjust goals and metrics to stay ahead of the competition.

Hannah Bubis, President 

Meet Hannah Bubis, the President of Cre8mediaHub, a digital industry insider with over 25 years of experience in the field. Hannah’s career started at the dawn of the internet era, and she has been revolutionizing the digital media and marketing landscape ever since. With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from New York University’s College of Arts and Science, Hannah is the ultimate “Swiss Army Knife” of the digital world, with expertise spanning across social media, marketing, advertising, PR, and technology solutions.

Hannah’s impressive portfolio includes developing integrated and profitable brand and direct response campaigns for global powerhouses like The New York Times, Pfizer, and Quiksilver. She has represented industry giants such as ePrize (Hello World), Didit Search Marketing, The Search Agency, Vantage Media, and Apogee/Break Media. Additionally, she has been a frequent guest speaker on the topic of Digital Media/Marketing at UCLA Extension Program and Long Beach State University.

Driven by her passion for helping business owners create unforgettable interactions, drive consumer demand, and accelerate growth, Hannah founded Cre8mediaHub in 2010. Her innovative ideas and unparalleled expertise have propelled the company to become a leading force in the industry. Hannah is highly sought-after as a guest speaker due to her unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry’s history, trends, and emerging technologies.

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